15 F(un)ACTS About Malaysia!

It’s time for my favourite video series! The “fun facts”!
This time I’ll talk about 15 things that I know or I noticed about Malaysia!
Let me know what you think about it!

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  1. Are you from spain, portugal? Anyway food here usually must have onion or garlic unless vegetarian food of course. So plp will find it difficult to cook something tasty with no garlic or onion.

  2. A lot of the words in Malay come from Portuguese. You mentioned the word Sekolah (school) – this comes from Escola in Portuguese. Another example is the word church which in Malay is Gereja. In Portuguese, it is Igreja.

  3. 😀😀😀 really fun from the eye of tourist. Anyway..enjoy your tour here in Msia😊👍👍👍

  4. British formally made malaysia a colony in 1867, and ended around 100 years later. No wonder if a few malay words are influenced from english words. If you know that, then you didnt found it funny…

  5. Not only that, as sign of respect (and also it is also convenient when we don't know their name) we also address someone older as abang (older brother) or kakak (older sister) and someone younger as adik (younger sister/brother)…

  6. Nice vid

  7. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. My favourite part 10:14😂

  9. 💗💗💗

  10. Hi im from KL. 👋🏻

  11. Thank You lady for the value information , about Malysia and Malysian people , how amazing this country I feel as if I will be there , thank you so much.

  12. the part where you said malaysians will look at you like “ask me questions!!” is so true hahahaha i always do that 😂 i dont know how to approach tourists but at the same time i really wanna help

  13. The guiness and the beer/alcohol was cheaper than yours also because malay which in Islam, we cant drink… so yeah

  14. Oh thanks 🤗 come to Malaysia again!!!

  15. Malaysians are the best people I have met so far as well :)))

  16. Actually fyi…years ago the malaysia has 16 state but know has only 14 because to of them had a bcome a country which is singapore and brunei…which means years ago brunei darussalam and singapore were Malaysia until someone rich buy the state to be made country…its fact😉😉

  17. Fix your fact. Malaysia has not 3 races only.. Malaysia also has other minority races.. Don't forget to mentioned them

  18. Lessilu, you so sweet so charming. Tq for you video about our country and what you notice about it. Do come back

  19. Now I understand why there are a lot of shopping malls in Malaysia. It's just for us malaysian to chill ourselves from the hot weather. haha!
    I never thought of it before

  20. we call everyone aunty uncle sister brother eventhought we just met

  21. I feel sad that you forgot about Sabah And Sarawak. 😭😭😭 I am Malaysian / Sabahan.. Never mind

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