36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'

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  1. Which response was your favourite?? ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki: http://go.italki.com/englishwithlucy
    Contribute subtitle translations and have your name displayed under the video once I personally approve: http://bit.ly/HowAreYouSubs (can really help your translation skills, as well as giving you a warm fuzzy feeling)

  2. This question always bothers me! In my country (Hungary) you only ask this question if you have time to chat with the other person. The answer is relatively long, detailing your health, your job and your family.

  3. So cute smile 🥰

  4. Your smile is so cute honestly ?

  5. "I'm overworked but I'm undersexed" (someone sang)

  6. Don't say, "I'm here." It's boring…

  7. راىعة في الشرح

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcYYQgo3SP8
    Basic phrasal verbs with story

  9. Es geht mir gutt, und Ihnen?

  10. For men, in all instances. "I'm alright".
    Simple as.

  11. “Just peachy” is a nice vintage way to respond. (With a forties flapper girl accent)

  12. The word "pretty" used to modify states of being ("big", "well", "busy", "fast" etc) is one the THE most annoying and ambiguous things one person can say in conversation. How much is "pretty much", how hot is "pretty hot" and so on. It's trite, overused, conveys no real information and is too often mispronounced as "purdy" making the speaker sound uneducated and inarticulate!!

  13. The Opioid Induced Constipation is Making My Hemorrhoids Flare. You don't have any Preparation-H, do you?

  14. "Not bad, not bad" (said very quickly) is another response I hear a lot.

  15. Usually I break the rule of a different video you posted. I with a smile and cheery voice I ask, "Hi how you doin''? Many reply cherily, "I'm pretty good."
    To which I tell them , "You're two steps ahead of me. I'm not good or pretty."
    Usually, they chickle. Sometimes they take a crossways look and keep walking away from me. For either response I give a smile.

  16. Hello!
    It's the first time I listen to you and I just say: EXCELLENT teacher!
    Greetings from SOUTH AMERICA (Perú)

  17. Please mam oure chouse spoken English.

  18. I used. I'm absolutely fine

  19. My reply? "The day is going good. But the day isn't over and it could go to hell at any moment."

  20. When friends ask my wife that about me, she often says "Better than nothing".

  21. Same old ,same old!😁

  22. "Slowly but surely dying', LOL! Will be working that one in somewhere.

  23. pretty=adorable?

  24. Thanks Ma'am ♥️

  25. 👏👏

  26. Thanks a lot, Lucy!

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