7 Keys to Vlogging | Master Class ft. Amy Schmittauer

Looking for more tips and strategies on how to vlog? In this Master Class, YouTube creator and digital marketing consultant Amy Schmittauer shares what she believes are 7 keys to a successful vlog. From treating your viewers like loyal fans to clear calls to action, check out Amy’s vlogging advice and subscribe to see her upcoming Master Classes and Minute Tips.

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  6. Vlogging isn't totally a catch-all for chat videos. Vlog = Video Blog. Blog = Web log. Web log = Online journal. It's a little too simplistic to call anything that isn't a livestream a vlog. 😊

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  16. very helpful. Thank you for the tips and strategies.

  17. Many many channels I subscribed are shown as not subscribed, including this channel. Why is this ? I'm from India using android phone .

  18. Hello, j'ai beau faire ce qu'on me dit de faire, ça n'intéresse pas beaucoup de gens. J'essaie plusieurs forfaits, plusieurs méthodes et c'est peu concluant. Merci pour votre vidéo. Nadège.

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  23. I absolutely love your tutorials, and I forgot to mention in my last comment that I am a new blogger. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

  24. Hi. My name is Tiffany Davis, and I am totally blind. I can’t see anything, including light. Should I purchase a separate camera so that my face can be seen, my videos are being uploaded from my iPhone. Thank you.

  25. It takes time to learn , let us not be discouraged , still learning how to blog and learning the how to . I'm retired from 35 years of patient care , now I have a new challenge ! Just being patient of my imperfections !

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  36. Hi Amy
    I’m listening to your book ‘How to Vlog Like a Boss’ so we can create our own videos about our Going Native Coffee – delicious coffee from Exotic regions of the globe.
    Small world! We are both from CBus and grew up in the same area of town.
    Now I live elsewhere for growing coffee – on a small tropical island in the South Pacific – but I wanted to give you a shout out and say ‘Hi’ from a fellow Buckeye (and soon to be vlogger). Great content in your book.

    If you ever need a break from the Columbus winters and you want to explore the world of coffee on a tropical island, then give us a shout. Heck, bring a bunch of friends. We have plenty of coffee & exciting island adventure activities.

    Continued Success in all you do!
    Greg & Rose of
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