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  1. 2:10 here I don't want this paper anymore. You take it.

  2. I have a lesser het g-stripe that is up to breeding size and will be meeting this male next season. 🙂

  3. U should put butter or Mojave into that pastel g stripe

  4. Colin is a great guy to work with and really cares about our industry. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again in the future. He will treat you right.

  5. would you recommend this breeder? I really like royal constrictor designs but i'm trying to find other, reliable breeders

  6. That's a pretty good stripe for pastel g stripe! They are beautiful, congrats! -Ashleigh

  7. You would get double-hets. Genetic stripe and albino are both recessive genes, so both parents have to have the genes in order to get visuals. Pairing them to each other would produce normal looking babies that would have to be raised up and bred together in order to get the genetic stripe albino.

  8. wat would i get if i breed a g-stripe to an albino? my two fav morphs

  9. A small breeder should be able to tell you of the temperament of a snake you're interested in. The more snakes a breeder has, the harder this becomes. Also, something to keep in mind is that aggressive/defensive babies often grow out of it as they get older.

  10. I would only ever buy from a breeder, and in my case that means online. My only real problem is, if youre buying them for reasons other than breeding, the suppliers dont let you know what kind of temperament they have. Is there anyway to find out before you buy? Any breeders that do make mention of this?

  11. Yes I do. I'm hoping to get a clutch from them in the 2013 season.

  12. Do u plan on breeding the two stripes

  13. You pick the most stunningly beautiful snakes I have ever seen.

  14. I don't have any available for sale at this time. I'm not certain what market value is right now, sorry.

  15. Hey john I was wondring how much a g-stripe pastel would cost I think they are beautiful snakes.

  16. u seem to get the nicest looking snakes ,all of the hatchlings are going to be out standing in color and pattern

  17. i wont one

  18. The best way to see the various mutations and what they create is to visit World of Ball Pythons. worldofballpythons . com

  19. hey is there any books about breeding or the different types of morphs. i want to get started but don't know what type of pythons to breed because i dont know what morph it can produce

  20. awesome morphs.

  21. the second snake i mean

  22. how much did that snake cost?!?!? I saw it and a spotlight appeared and the background darkened… its a gem… pricless! well in a sense where you woodnt want to sell it… it sure as heck wasnt priceless when you bought it thats for sure!

  23. That G is beautiful :0

  24. @AndroidRev6 I don't own any corn snakes. I'm strictly working with ball pythons for the time being.

  25. 8 ??????????????????????????????????????

  26. ball python unboxing #8 please! i've been waiting!!!!!

  27. Awesome looking snakes you just got in. Love that uninterrupted stripe on the Genetic Stripe! The color on that Pastel Gen Stripe is very nice.

  28. Clean snakes!!!! good luck with your projects..

  29. very nice collection

  30. great additions, you should do a breeding season video to show what your plans are for this year if you don't mine 🙂

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