English Lesson | December Holidays Around The World 🎄🌏🎅🏼

Join 3 YouTube Teachers and learn about December holiday traditions. Learn useful expressions, collocations and phrasal verbs in English.

In this video, Vicki of Simple English Videos, and Jennifer of JenniferESL help me to talk about some of our traditions at this time of year, including:
– Christmas celebrations
– decorating the Christmas tree
– cooking meals to celebrate
– New year’s eve celebrations

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Bình luận

  1. In new years In Russia people are drinking vodka or drinking vodka or drinking vodka

  2. 🙏🙏

  3. Eiw

    Wow it was Amazing video ❤️

  4. My resolution is speak english very well

  5. Oohh great video is very intresting see the diferents means to celebrate crhismants .thanks

  6. woah WOAH WOOOOAAAAH there's usually no peanut butter in stuffing. Just letting you non British people know lol otherwise great video haha

  7. 👌🏼

  8. Thank you very much my teacher.

  9. 👍👍👍

  10. Every year it's a different celebrating New Year . Sometimes we go for a party arranged somewhere or by someone else .Sometimes we arranged party at home and celebrate it with food , music , dance . I personally take resolutions .

  11. You are very passion about your job emma👸. You are👌👌 thanks for making this video.💞🙂.

  12. Emma Happy Christmas.

  13. that so amazing diferent culture ,learning with Emma

  14. i am muslim so we dont celebrate christmas . we believe that Christ peace be upon him was a true prophet of God. After his journey to heaven our prophet peace be upon him came with God message. Dear what that tree symbolises ,for what purpose christians use it . i have heard about it but dont know ————– . ABOUT NEW YEAR . Every beat of the clock is a message that we are going closer to our final destination.

  15. Legend in Portuguese, no Emma!! I want to learn English.

  16. that was an amazing lesson.

  17. Grandma from UK feeding her dog with the same spoon which she cooking.

  18. Hello, Emma! This video has not a full transcription. Isn` t it? Or I can` t see..it?

  19. Hi,Emma.I'm Russian.I live in Orel.I'm twelve years old.My name is Ann.On the 31st of December all Russian people celebrate an exciting holiday New Year.People buy tasty food and drinks.Children make greetings cards.On New Year's Eve they visit their ralativis,and exchange gifts.Thank you for your listening.❄

  20. Well we are so excited or looking forward to Christmas. We are planning to go to the the theater, watch movies, have a swim with family, and have a fun sleepover with friends and I hope we will have a great Christmas. Oh yeah! Happy Christmas Emma 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  21. merry Christmas.
    accept my congratulations from iran.
    I hope you have excellent time whit your family and friends.

  22. In Turkey, we dont celebrate christmas of course.But At New Year's eve we get together ( my family or my friends) ,eat delicious meals,chat,watch TV and play some enjoyable games.It's the best to welcome New Year with my beloved ones.

  23. Dear teacher Emma: I hope you and family have enjoyed vey much this Christmas, and have a happy New Year full of a lot of blessing with Jesus. Maria from Nicaragua.

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