Hearthstone Balance Changes – PATCHES NERFED and more

upcoming hearthstone balance changes include: patches the pirate nerf (no more charge), bonemare, corridor creeper, raza changes (nerfs). could all these changes (especially the nerfs to bonemare and corridor creeper) make some drastic changes to the hearthstone meta? And what about raza priest decks? Overall very interesting balance changes are coming to Hearthstone.
upcoming hearthstone balance changes update 10.2

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  1. lmfao

  2. And still 2/5 for 0 mana is quite good if you combine it with cobalt scalebane

  3. Remendo is dead

  4. Blizzard feelings for each of these cards:

    Patches: Sorry bro but you had a good run so you can't complain.
    Bonemare: We still like you so we made you fair.
    Raza: We still like you so we made you fair.
    Corridor Creeper: Go f*ck yourself.

  5. They could have make patches 2 mana. U know who plays 2mana 1 1 charge? Kappa

  6. They just made patches unplayable

  7. And the raza nerf is the best for me
    It was boring battling between my quest warr and 1 milion of dk raza priest

  8. "Im in charge now!"
    And dust in just a second

  9. What about voidlord? I have a golden voidlord and im ready to dust him when he gets nerfed.

  10. Shit shit shit i rely on those cards…except raza…glad has been nerfed

  11. What do u Guys think Which of These 4 cards will be unplayable after the Patch ?

  12. No longer synergy with warsong commander :feelsbadman:

  13. When gadgetzan will go wild? (Bad enligsh i know pls just answer)

  14. Carrion grub


  16. Oh that poor Patches is no longer in Charrrrrrrrrrge

  17. Patches no longer playable.
    Bonemare might still be good enough
    Corridor creeper no longer playable
    Raza no longer playable

  18. Surrender your will to the lake.

  19. From this day forth, we shall call this the "Anti-Aggro Patch+Highlander Priest." What a day to be alive (unless you play these cards).
    I am most surprised by Corridor Creeper. I figured they were just gonna make it so that only when friendly minions die it lowers its cost. But this will do just fine by me.
    Also for any of you complaining about a Cubelock Meta, I have two words for you: Harrison Jones.

  20. I understand the other changes, but corridor creeper got nerfed into fucking oblivion

  21. Patches is not op wtf, He was balanced

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