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  1. What's the current situation with this case

  2. Shameless preachers of wealth is the cause of this foolish acts

  3. Really shoking,😁😁

  4. The question is how on earth do you make one rich by killing human beings

  5. Truly sad nonsense

  6. One of the most dangerous n evil country Nigeria I'm afraid of Nigeria ooo

  7. Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

  8. Nigeria is not good country

  9. Foolish guy and foolish mum and foolish daddy

  10. Bunch of dummies.

  11. its sad may her soul rest in peace , evil people, the wicked never go unpunished trust no one may the Lord comfort the family.

  12. Damn this music loud as shit

  13. selfish man. Your mum your mum? How about a final year student about to help HER OWN family.

  14. With tears in my eyes i can never understand what the deceased girl's father is going through. We need to be very careful where we worship. 😢

  15. I'm a Zimbabwean, Nigeria you being blamed for 1 or 2 people those people they don't deserve to leave in the world in Zimbabwe it will be history dead

  16. You young man stop lying about your parents you are the master mind money moey nonsense lying, may she rest in peace

  17. This is so scary. Very.

  18. Hilarious,

  19. Sorry men you can't handle Nigeria! Call for help from other countries to clean Sabimsa forest for Nigerians. Stop killing your people Mr Buhari

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  21. Inside Life!

  22. How come this man you referred as Buhari looks well younger than a 60 year old man?

  23. Nigeria again

  24. This is evil…Nigeria youth why money money money

  25. Our poverty problems is in the hands of the evil government…poverty makes people believe in blood money that isn't even real…take someone's life for notes that our government will be spending to renovate national assembly

  26. So heartless

  27. These are the tribe they said that they are the most educated people in Nigeria?

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