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Introducing the world’s most versatile blender that juices as well, allowing you to turn your unchopped fruit and vegetables into flavoursome and colourful combinations.

The 3X Bluicer™ Pro:

You’re only a push away from instant mastery. With our versatile 3X Bluicer™ Pro, you can add more flavour, more variety and more fun to your fruit and vegetables by blending, juicing or both and enjoy all the nutrients, flavours and textures of your recommended daily servings by using the 3-in-1 space saving appliance.

The 3X Bluicer™ Pro includes:
Blender features include:
– 5 one touch blending programs, optimising time and speed combinations to produce tastier results
– Large 1.5 L capacity jug
– Kinetix™ Blade & Bowl, combining the functionality of a powerful blender with food processing task- for versatility and convenience
– Easy auto clean function
– Quiet operating mode
– Vac Q™ vacuum pump compatibility, improving texture and colour for your mixes

Juicer features include:
– Extra wide feed chute (88mm), allowing you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting
– Cold Spin Technology® enabling juice to flow up and through the stainless-steel cutting disc to ensure an insignificant temperature increase, less than 1°C
– Large 1.5 L blender jug
– 10 precision speed control

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About Sage Appliances:
Over the past 80+ years Sage has grown to become an iconic global brand, delivering kitchen products to over 70 countries around the globe. The company goes to market as the Sage Appliances brand in the UK and Europe, and as the Breville brand in the rest of the world. Sage has enhanced people’s lives through the delivery of brilliant innovation and thoughtful design based on deep consumer insights, empowering people to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own home and ultimately allowing them to Master Every Moment®.

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