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Educational video to learn numbers up to 20 in a fun and easy way. Ideal for Preschool and Kindergarten!

Numbers will form the basic foundation for your kid’s learning process. These are the first steps towards academic learning and this foundation needs to be very strong if you want your kid to grasp the upcoming concepts quickly and very firmly.

Start with the number zero. Use some of the most common things around to use as examples to explain the concept of zero. Zero means ‘nothing’. So, if there were six ducks before but now they are all gone what do we say how many ducks are there now? Yes, we say zero. This will clear the concept of zero in the kid’s mind that when we say zero it means that there is no quantity of the particular thing present.

Kids can learn anywhere and anytime, it all depends on how you use your environment to bring out some lessons from it. So, you must have been in an elevator with your kid multiple times. So why not use the floors as a counting lesson. Yes, it’s very easy and your kid will have some fun too. Count all the floors till which the elevator travels to. This will help the kid to memorize numbers in a more natural and easy way.

Just like this, you can plan some other fun activities to help the kid learn numbers easy and fast. Pick up fun things from your own surrounding and it would make the lessons much more interesting for the kid.

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