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Big news from Bangkok, Thailand as restrictions are being eased and Thailand is reopening many types of businesses. This is great news as there are so many people in this country hurting due to loss of work and income. In this episode of 60 Seconds in Thailand, join our team of reporters as they detail this and many other stories for you.
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  1. คริสฉันไม่ค่อยเก่งเรื่องภาษาอังกฤษ แต่นายก็ดูดีเหมือนเดิม หากมีเครื่องบินฉันอยากบินเหนือเขาหิมาลัย(ฉันอยากมีชีวิตที่ดูดี)คลิปนี้ก็ขอให้นายประสบความสำเร็จตลอดไป

  2. D Bag of the Year

  3. No ruels then I will come back

  4. 🍺👍

  5. อยากให้รัฐบาลได้ดูคลิปนี้ และรับฟังความคิดเห็น Big thank Chris🙏

  6. No quarantine with vaccination.

  7. I plan to go in November. I hope the restrictions will be gone by then

  8. Everyone is going to Philippines these days. Less BS rules and cheaper (they speak English too 😉)

  9. I'm a black man and I'm wondering why are there no black Chris

  10. When they dynamited the Whale I bet they were having a whale of a time

  11. Who the hell has the time/money to waste two weeks in a hotel quarantine?

  12. I'm stuck in Canada since August

  13. Offer vaccination 😉

  14. to be honest its easy to reduce the Quaranteen time from 14-16 ( depends on ASQ HOTEL ) down to 7 and removed the quarantine for People who got vaccinated remove the quarantine completely like out Community is eager to travel to Thailand but the 14-day quarantine is the reason why almost all say no

  15. Whale blub

    🤣🤣 Made my day

  16. As long as they have restrictions, it’s a bye bye

  17. Happy Gilmore! Nice bonus. And no, golfing in Thailand, not for me. Food, live music, and nature. That's my thing.

  18. Remove quarantine and I go Bangkok tomorrow

  19. LOL!

  20. Hi. How could I retire in Thailand. I ‘m from Canada

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