Wabi-Sabi Modern Japanese Inspired Small Home

This beautiful modern Japanese inspired small home is a real architectural marvel! Everywhere you look, the home is filled with unique and interesting design aspects which make it as visually interesting as it is functional.

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Owner Tamiko decided to downsize her home after tragically losing her husband. With her kids grown up, she no longer needed the space and the opportunity opened up for her to build a laneway house on the Vancouver (BC) property of her mother, brining the family closer together.

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The house, designed by Tamiko’s brother-in-law, architect incorporates elements of wabi-sabi (the world view of acceptance of imperfection) and Japanese design, drawing from Tamiko’s Japanese heritage. The home was designed and built with a lot of love and attention to detail creating a very special place for her to call home and begin a new life.

I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this very special home.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

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Bình luận

  1. One of my favorite tiny houses by far!♥️

  2. This is SO beautiful. Love it!

  3. this is not just a house but a labor of LOVE I wish I had a house like this dear Lady enjoy and your new home

  4. This house is absolutely beautiful
    I would’ve liked to use the windows to see outside and be one with nature.
    The budget seemed really high though. 500k for a tiny house is a little much. People build tiny houses to save money. It doesn’t seem efficient.
    I love her story and the opportunity to be next to her mom.

  5. As beautiful as the home is, the story behind it is even more beautiful.

  6. The ending words are so right. One can feel she put much thought into them, how a simpler and smaller home helped her and was just right for her.

  7. $500k for 650 Sq ft??? Not affordable for most folks. Makes a tiny house on a trailer a no brainer. House is very nice though. But the cost…

  8. I wish the balcony section was shown

  9. Wonderfully built and close to the most wonderful woman you've known…MOTHER

  10. Beautiful! I want one. XD

  11. This is one of my favourite homes that has been toured on this channel. Its so lovely!!

  12. The architect should have framed the house and signed the bottom right-hand corner. A beautiful home for a beautiful person. For me this is one of the most inspiring smaller homes I have seen. I love how it was a family affair to bring it into being and bless us all.

  13. I don't always comment on these vids, but been subbed for a while and absolutely love watching them all but, WOW, holy crap is this house awesome!!! The whole history of why it was done is fantastic and it looks amazing! One of my favourite ones I've seen!

  14. Cute house u have

  15. What a lovely woman and home

  16. Most loved tiny house ever. ❤️❤️

  17. I’m so in love with this house. ❤️

  18. This… this one I want and I could easily live in!!

  19. I would hesitate to call this house tiny. It is beautiful though.

  20. you talk a lot

  21. Beautiful home.

  22. is this small?come and see my one half smallest room apartament.

  23. How many sqft is this tiny house?? Pls tell…fan from kerala india ❤

  24. I love, aesthetically, profoundly suitable for downsizing. Beauty without excess

  25. "Masterpiece" fits this lovely home.

  26. Too modern and a bit sparse looking. Not homey for me. Looks too much like IKEA.

  27. Wow, this has to be my favourite house I've seen on this channel so far!

  28. Either the dog matches the decor or the decor matches the dog, so which came first lol? An impressive amount of storage, nice wide staircase, big bathroom, great kitchen (is there an oven?), but that one centered pillow in the middle of her bed is rather sad 🙁 The bed needs more pillows! Heated cement floors = awesome! The table and back patio are tremendous: great views, peace and tranquillity, more light, a feeling of even more space. Really really lovely. I saw a door up on the roof — is that a deck up there? I hope so.

  29. What a beautiful home! I really love it! Well done!

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